Sterilizer 1006
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Sterilizer 1006

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Designed for professional use, this sterilizer features all-metal construction except for the glass

The cabinet houses a premium, high-output, long-life , ultraviolet bulb. This bulb outputs a disinfectant, germicidal light that kills most micro-organisms. Suitable for use with tools and instruments made of glass, metal, plastic and other materials. Easy-to-use; first, clean items to be sterilized, chrome wire basket, insert into the sterilizer and close the door. Since radiation from ultraviolet lamps is harmful to the eyes and skin, this sterilizer features a protective, shielded door that blocks the UV rays from escaping the unit. In addition, an auto-shutoff feature automatically turns of the ultraviolet light when the door is opened, and reactivates it when door is closed. A coated inspection window in the door permits viewing of the interior contents and verification that the UV is functioning.